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Want to add some spice to your next event? Reserve your pan of Moe's Chili today! Catering and delivery services now available in Stockton CA, and surrounding areas. Check out our menu for more details.


Our Chili Lovers Testimonies

I have to tell you my teens said the chili was too spicy for them when we first had it. So, I thought a small pan was all I needed for my husband and I and they would just have to figure out eating for themselves today Well, the jokes on me because they all ate it I’m hotter than hot My son had helpings for 3 people and now he and his sister both swear they never said that the first time So, next time I know get double because they do like it and can handle the spice suddenly, next time I’ll get two w/Keven J. Dixon

Vicki 'Cooper' Dixon

Thank you

Moes Chili Bowls

this was tasty sweetheart! I had a few different meals planned out with MY 3 bowls of chili but I got hated onMy son obviously enjoyed it too

These chili cheese dogs turned out amazing!

Thank you! I’ll definitely be ordering again!

Kreatively Kisha

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